Samsung Backs Down

iPhone 4S Released in South Korea

This past Friday, iPhone 4S released successfully in South Korea, much to the delight of South Koreans.

Surprisingly, Samsung did not do any thing to get a legal ban on the sales of iPhone 4S. Though, originally their intention was to file a case against Apple, seeking ban on the sales of iPhone 4S, they changed their intention in the eleventh hour, saying that they wanted engage in legal battle against Apple, only on global platforms. In September, Samsung was planning to sue Apple on the arrival of iPhone 4S in South Korea, accusing it of violating its wireless technology related patents.

Apple and Samsung have been locking horns in Australia and some European courts for some time now.

It is being believed by many that Samsung was afraid of gaining negative PR due to huge number of Apple Fans in South Korea.

However, in Europe, the tension between Samsung and Apple is still escalating with Samsung seeking an injunction against Apple’s 3G products in Germany and pressurizing Apple to reveal the source code of iPhone 4S in Australia.

Samsung and Apple have been fighting legal battle with each other ever since the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.5 were banned in Australia after the court found Samsung guilty of copying the design of its gadget from iPad.

Source: Tech Crunch

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