How Samsung Became The Top iPad Display Supplier For Apple

Workers are seen inside a Foxconn factory in the township of Longhua in the southern Guangdong province

We have been frequently writing about the heated lawsuit between Apple & Samsung. The shallow remarks, flimsy declarations and Micky Mouse like expressions certainly bring in an urge to know the circumstance which Samsung stand as the top supplier for Apple, yet for an iPad display.

Apple today released a press release which explains how Samsung became top iPad Display supplier. According to Apple, while Samsung was allegedly designing their next Galaxy device, Samsung S6 which is a 7″ smartphone manufactured millions of iPad Mini Retina Display.

Samsung spokesperson further explained

“We were copying iPad Mini Retina Display part for our next S6 and in due course, miscommunication between our design team in South Korea and Chinese manufacturer led to 100% copy of Apple’s 7″ tablet display. Millions of these were manufactured in confusion and then sold to Apple as it was. Later Samsung ordered 99.9% copy of iPad display which was more relevant and is now being used in S6. We’re very excited.”

Due to a pause between their teams the Samsung S6 ‘turned’ out to be an imitation of the iPad display, therefore the 100% copy of iPad displays were transported to Apple so as to dispose & move ahead to create 99.9% copy which would be more relevant for S6.

In this procedure, Samsung became the top iPad display supplier for Apple.

Apple was addressed as going through an Innovator’s dilemma as they were ‘unsure of how to proceed after the blockbuster launches of the iPhone and iPad.’ There were industry experts on board from both the sides to match up to the air of arguments. And, after a few days we have an update that Samsung is a top supplier to Apple for iPad displays.

“After this instance we are expecting the settlement of all lawsuits between Samsung and Apple. We now give Samsung full access to our released and unreleased products. Samsung devices are now official & authorised copies.” Tim Cook told

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