Samsung Big Game Commercial Teases Apple Fanboys

Samsung Commercial

The more Samsung is losing against Apple in courts, more its frustration is building up.

And Samsung is taking out that frustration against Apple by poking fun at Apple products and Apple fanboys on its online portals and TV advertisements.

In less than a week after poking fun at Apple with Urban Camping commercial, Samsung has ridiculed Apple Fanboys again.

You might have heard Samsung is spending a huge amount of money to have a TV commercial air during the next Super Bowl. They are very excited about this are bragging about it all over the web, just like a high school girl who scored a prom date with the star quarterback or high school boy who is dating the popular girl in school or the head cheerleader of school football team.

In a lame attempt to generate buzz prior to the big day, Samsung has released a teaser that, as usual, pokes fun at Apple fanboys for standing in line to get the new iPhone. Of course, Samsung would not have such a problem since no one actually ever had to get in line to buy a Samsung phone.

Here is the commercial:

Do you find this advertisement repetitive? Tell us how do you compare this advertisement with previous Samsung advertisements that poke fun at Apple.

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