Samsung Changes The Design Of Galaxy Tab 7.0N

Galaxy Tab 7.0N

Samsung is and Apple have a history of fighting against each other. Someday, their destiny together might be compared with the destiny of Superman-Lex Luthor or Batman-Joker (no offense to any company. You decide who is who).

Samsung and Apple have accused each other patents infringements in past. The conflict between Samsung and Apple escalated when the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned in Australia.

Soon Apple and Samsung were fighting each other not just in Australia, but also in various European countries like France and later their battle also reached United States.

When Samsung released their previous tablet in Germany, it changed its design to avoid problems from Apple. However, the new design was almost identical to old design. Now Samsung is doing something similar. Looking forward to release Galaxy Tab 7.0N in Germany, Samsung is planning to change the design of Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab 7.0N is expected to cost $770 without carrier subsidies.

Though, Apple defeated Samsung most of the time, Samsung did score some victories over Apple.The ban on Samsung’s tablet had been overturned in late November 2011 in Australia. However, Galaxy Tab was released after 9 December 2011 because Apple had succeeded in obtaining a stay order on the implementation of verdict lifting the ban. Apple requested for more extension but its plea was rejected. This was the second victory of Samsung in Australia.

Apple and Samsung are set meet again when court-room battle between two technology giants in Australia will take place in March 2012.

Source: BGR

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