Samsung changes the design of Galaxy Tab

iPad Galaxy Tab

Apple and Samsung are giving each other, a tough time in Australian and many European courts, with their conflict in Germany most recent.

The series of legal battles started when Apple sued Samsung for copying the design and idea of Galaxy Tab from iPad. The lawsuit in Australia resulted in a court-imposed ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.5 in Australia.

Seething with anger, Samsung sued Apple in Australia and many European countries, accusing them of infringing patents. Samsung suffered defeats in many countries and a huge embarrassment as with every lawsuit, Samsung sought a ban on the sales of various Apple products which included iPhone 4S too.

Now to avoid confrontation and injunction from Apple, Samsung has changed the design of Galaxy Tab 10.5 to smoothly market and sell it in Germany.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung is taking an interesting turn with a hearing scheduled for March 2012.

Source: Gizmodo

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