Samsung demands the source code of iPhone 4S


Ever since Apple sued Samsung for plagiarising and copying the design of iPad for its Galaxy Tab 10.5, sleepless nights started for South Korean company.

The first setback for Samsung was a court-imposed ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.5 in Australia. Samsung retaliated, fuming with rage and filed a lawsuit against Apple, seeking ban on the sales of iPhone 4S in Australia. However, Samsung’s petition was dismissed.

Samsung tried to file petitions against Apple in various European countries, seeking ban on iPhone 4S and some other Apple gadgets. So far three the petitions of Samsung have been dismissed in Netherlands and Italy. With a hat trick of embarassments in courts, Samsung has redsigned its strategy to counter Apple.

Samsung is demanding to know the source code of iPhone 4S’ firmware. Aiming to get iPhone 4S banned from Australia, Samsung is also seeking the details of agreements that Apple is holding with Vodafone, Telstra and Optus in Australia. Samsung believes that iPhone 4S’ source code can reveal whether or not the 3G patents of Apple have been infringed by Cupertino company.

However, it seems that Apple can not back off so easily. Apple claims to have licensed wireless patents from Samsung under FRAND standard. This standard requires the patents to offered at a resonable price because these patents are necessary for many companies to provide wireless products.

Apple is saying that Samsung would have to wait for the information it is seeking.

It seems that legal battle between Apple and Samsung is going to be a long saga. The court hearing is on November 4.

Will Samsung gain the upper hand this time? Or will it bite the dust again? Only time will tell. Share your opinion on this legal battle in the comments section.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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