Samsung ridicules Apple enthusiasts in commercial

With the embarrassments Samsung has suffered in courts due to its consecutive defeats in a string of legal tangles with Apple, the war of Apple and Samsung does not seem to be ending anytime soon. The legal battle started when Samsung faced a court-imposed ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.5 in Australia when the judge agreed that the design of Galaxy Tab 10.5 had been copied from iPad.

With the latest in the series of Apple-Samsung saga, Samsung has come out with a new commercial advertisement for Galaxy S II that pokes fun at the iPhone users.

In this new advertisement, the Galaxy SII’s larger screen and 4G speeds causes Apple fans to appear as stupid, whiny and mindless drones. Here, Apple enthusiasts have been depicted as the type of people who typically stand in queue for days, get confused with rumors, and think linearly despite calling themselves “creative.”

The advertisement calls Galaxy SII more advanced than iPhone 4S and questions why fans should wait when “next big thing” is out.

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