Samsung Steals The Child Artist From iPhone 4S Commercial

Apple and Samsung have been rivals for a long time.

Both are going through a series for court battles, accusing each other of infringing each others’ patents. The court battles are taking place in various countries. The latest in this series was a lawsuit in which Apple accused Samsung of copying designs of cases and covers for Apple gadgets like iPad or iPhone.

Seeing embarrassments in courts, Samsung decided to take its battle against Apple in media. First Samsung ridiculed Apple enthusiasts in a commercial. Then Samsung USA started a campaign on Facebook, depicting iPhone users as backward people and show iPhone as an old school phone.

Now Samsung has gone one step ahead of all these things.

Samsung has been ripping off Apple‘s products like iPad in past and it has been sued by Apple for copying the design of Galaxy Tab from iPad. That is why, to do something new now, Samsung has stolen the very actresses from Apple’s own commercials!

The Samsung advertisement for their 8.9-Inch LTE Galaxy Tab shows the girl from a commercial of iPhone 4S. The advertisement is also quiet similar to the advertisement of iPhone 4S.

The following videos of iPhone 4S and Galaxy Tab show same girl.

So did you see that? Same girl in both advertisements. With Samsung and Apple preparing to face each other in court in March 2012, this commercial might be a “mind game” that Samsung is playing with Apple. Nobody knows the real motive of Samsung behind this commercial.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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