Samsung Sued By Apple Over Mobile Device Case Designs

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

So far Apple and Samsung had been suing each other over the patents related to their gadgets like iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now the battle over device covers has ensued.

This may sound strange but Apple has sued Samsung in Australia, this time alleging patents infringement over cases designed for covering Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple has alleged in lawsuit that Samsung is infringing on at least ten patents of Apple.

Apple and Samsung started suing each other when a ban was imposed on the sales of Galaxy Tab in Australia. The court agreed with Apple’s allegation that the design of Galaxy Tab had been copied from iPad. The ban was lifted in late November 2011. However, Galaxy Tab hit markets after 9 December 2011 because Apple had obtained a stay order on the implementation of verdict lifting the ban. Apple appealed for more extension but its plea was rejected.

Samsung also sued Apple, accusing the latter of infringing patents. Samsung sought a ban on the sales of many Apple products, including iPhone 4S. Though initially Samsung’s pleas were rejected, Samsung did gain an upper hand over Apple in some European courts and in United States.

The news of this new lawsuit came at the end of a hearing where Apple was hoping to delay a trial where Samsung has accused Apple of infringing on 3G wireless patents it holds. Apple lawyer Stephen Burley pleaded the Judge that this matter needed time till March and it would be unfair to Apple if the case were to be hurried on. The Judge agreed to consider Apple’s request. That is why, the trial is still on schedule.

On 3 February 2012, there will be a new hearing where Judge Annabelle Bennett will review the evidence both companies have gathered before deciding whether the trial should be postponed or not.

Recently in Germany, Samsung withdrew the lawsuits against Apple gadgets using Qualcomm chip because the chip is used in some Samsung gadgets as well. Samsung’s defeat in French court was perceived as a reason for this action.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung in Australia is going to stretch more due various lawsuits and would go on till March 2012 when an Australian court hears Samsung’s plea, seeking a ban on the sales of iPhone 4S in Australia.

Source: The Mac Observer

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