Samsung’s Mudslinging Against Apple Continues With Urban Camping Ad

Samsung Urban Camping Ad

Samsung has been slinging mud on Apple for quiet some time. If we have a look at past commercials of Samsung, and the way, Samsung ridiculed Apple in all recent commerical, it would seem as if Samsung’s objective with these advertisements is more about ridiculing Apple rather than promoting and marketing their own product.

The latest commerical is another Samsung Galaxy S II’s anti-Apple commercial. Labled as “Urban Camping”, this commerical continues the trend of pointing out features which Apple’s iPhone 4S does not have. In this specific ad, the main feature that has been flaunted is the 4G speed of Galaxy S II. iPhone 4S does not have it. Samsung continues to stereotype Apple users as being the “barista” types who are excited about waiting on line to pick up the iPhone 4S and willing to go as far as camping out on large lines.

This is the video clip of commercial:

Ironically, Samsung continued to portray its users as hipsters and Apple users as old-fashioned, despite the fact that they continue to imitate Apple users while flaunting the features of their device.

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