Use Sara As Siri In Older iPhones


Do you find iPhone 4S expensive and wish to have Siri in your iPhone 2G?

Well, not Siri, on this phone, you can use Sara, an alternative to Siri.

On Pre-iPhone 4S devices, Sara is the best option for you as an alternative to Siri if SiriProxy does not impress you. However, Sara does need some improvements.

Following video shows you the testing of Sara:

Sara is limited in function when compared to Siri. For example, you cannot use location based query commands without Sara returning some sort of nonsense. Alarm clocks do not work, weather can be inaccurate, and there are a lot of grammatical mistakes.

Its positive points are one, that it is free and two, it works on older jailbroken devices like the original iPhone or iPod Touch.

Sara even features some advanced options like translation, YouTube search, and more.A jailbroken Siri can do that but here the beauty is that you are doing it in a device where Siri was never intended to run.

What is your opinion on Sara? Share your comments.

Source: iDownload Blog

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