Saurik Interview Video on Jailkbreaking Removes from Youtube

Just a week past, we posted a video of an interview with Saurik aka Jay Freeman. The clips running time was about 6 minutes and where Saurik reveals his favourite tweaks and iOS extension to question , “Why should you jailbreak your iPhone?”

According to iphonedownloadblog;

The video garnered a lot of attention. It was sort of surreal to see the guy who’s devoted much of his life over the last several years to developing and maintaining Cydia explain why he loves jailbreaking so much. It seems like the video’s popularity ultimately led to its demise…

Apparently YouTube removed the video, citing that the video had been removed due to its violation of their TOS (Terms of Service). Robert Scoble, the producer of the saurik interview, tweeted that he hasn’t received an email or any other communication from YouTube as to the why the video was pulled.

Many are considering Apple for the Saurik video dropped from Youtube. Well this is not the first time that Apple has forced some others to drop the case, take the example of Toyota Theme removed from ModMyi site.

Are you considering Apple for this case? You can comment on this issue.

[ Via iphonedownloadblog ]

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