How to save your iPhone 4S’ battery

iPhone 4S Battery

When iPhone 4S was launched, it was being said that the battery of iPhone 4S would be so powerful and efficient that you would need to charge it just once a month.

However, many users of iPhone 4S shared their experinces of seeing battery getting drained in less than a week, on online forums. Engineers from Apple contacted many users and after consulting them, put tracking device type gadgets in their phones to see how long the battery lasted. So far, nobody has been able to figure out why battery is getting drained so fast. Despite having higher capicity (5.3) than the iPhone 4 battery (5.25), the battery life of iPhone 4S is low.

iPhone 4S may have dual core processor but battery always has a lot to take and a lot is imposed on the battery due to various software features that iPhone 4S offers. For example, the use of Siri in finding out the locations of clubs, playing music, etc. Location-aware features suck a lot of battery. Features like Reminders, Find my friends do need a lot of power from the battery. You can turn them off when you do not need these features. For that, you go to Location settings, select Location Services and turn them off. This helps you conserve the battery. You can also turn off Diagnostics & Usage to conserve the battery of your phone. This features sends information to Apple about when and how are you using your phone.

You can turn of Location based iAds. This not only conserves the battery life of your phone but also prevents you from seeing the ads that annoy you. You do not need Time Zone settings unless you are flying to a different country. Thus, to conserve your battery, you can turn it off. You are not always driving on the road. So you can turn off Traffic Maps feature when you do not need it.

Push email is convenient, but the always on connection is sucks your battery. If you can be pateint and afford to wait while checking mail, go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendar. You have to Fetch New Data, turn off Push, and set Fetch to the longest interval you can tolerate (manual is best).

Everytime you charge the battery, your battery loses its life a little bit as frequent “brush” with electricity does reduces its life a little bit. Thus, do not make it a habit of charging your battery everyday. Allow it to get drained 99% and then charge it until it is 100% charged. This can also add some longivity to it.

As Apple engineers are still groping in the dark to find the reason of rapid battery drain, the suggestions given in this article can solve the problem of your iPhone 4S battery to some extent by the time Apple comes up with some solution.

So do you feel that these suggestions are helpful. Share your comments, experiences and theories about iPhone 4S battery related problems in the following comments section.

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  1. the comments given do sound like workable to some extent, BUT it is disheartening when the newly much sought after phone needs all these troubleshooting measures. What is the point of having  access toall  kind of cool apps if you are going to run the risk of not being able to make an important call when it really matters. That is the core purpose of owning a phone i believe……

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