Scott Forstall Described As Apple “CEO-In-Waiting”

Scott Forstall

Tim Cook is a great CEO and this is why, Apple wants him to stay with for long time. Apple has promised to offer some new incentives to Tim Cook if he serves as CEO till 2016.

In a time like this, if someone starts predicting about the next CEO, it is bound to become a big news.

Tim Cook is an excellent business manager. He is responsible for much of the company’s success in low-cost manufacturing and skinny inventories.

A new book is now saying that senior vice president Scott Forstall is the most likely person on the Apple executive team to become CEO after the end of Cook’s reign.

The book by Adam Lashinsky, Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works”, explores the functioning, policies and operation of the company by a Fortune magazine columnist. The book is scheduled to be released next week. It is based based on scores of interviews with “collaborators, competitors, and former employees.”

Lashinsky has noted that Forstall has many of the traits that would make him an excellent choice for the next CEO.

Lashinsky said, “He’s young (currently 43), comfortable on stage, worked at Jobs’ NeXT before moving to Apple, and shares the Jobs obsession with small details.” One entrepreneur told Lashinsky that Forstall is “…a sharp, down-to-earth, and talented engineer, and a more-than-decent presenter. He’s the total package.”

At the moment, it would take years for this to happen before Cook decides to step down. However, in the meantime Forstall has plenty of time to hone his skills and build even more influence inside the company. He can do that easily as he runs the highly-successful iOS software division.

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