Security Camera App for Mac OS X ( Top Ranking Utilities App)

The Alice Dev Team revealed Security Camera 2.0 for Mac OS X. The app allows users to secretly snap a time-stamped, security ID photo of any person.

The app can create a face log of the owner, saving a record of their expressions over time. The app also comes with password protection and auto-sync of photos.

Security Camera app after its immediate success when released, the app is currently at number two paid utility in both the US and UK Mac App Stores and globally ranked top 5.

New Features in Version 2.0:

– Can now send pictures to your Dropbox account! So if your laptop gets stolen, you’ll likely have a photo of the thief.

– Improved performance.

– Reduced cpu/memory usage.

– We added password protection to the application. Now only you can view/copy/delete Captured Photos.

– Minor bug fix: The little green light next to the camera now always shuts off immediately after taking the photo.

– Adjustable arm-timer.

– Idle timer actuations.

Security Camera 2.0 is $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. Requirements – Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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