September marks the arrival of the $0.99 rental iTunes TV show

We all remember of those rumors about $0.99 iTunes TV show rentals and now they’re back. Rumors are going on that FOX-owner Newcorp is in “advanced talks” by the service and also CBS and Disney (which have Steve Jobs as their largest shareholder) are plus rumored to be involved.

According to Bloomberg Apple originally wanted to offer subscription a la carte TV, but unfortunately it failed due to networks not wanting to put their relationships with cable companies in jeopardy.

Rentals would last 48hrs and would bring even more subject matter to the newly launched iPad and iPhone and upcoming iPod touch 4.

While a la cart TV exists outside the US (I pay $20 for 20 a la carte channels on my provider) it hasn’t been adopted by existing American providers. Would $0.99 rentals be a good alternative? Just one show a day would average $30 a month, so even whether it’s a step in the right direction, it’s a tiny little hesitant one. We should wait for the day when consumers can decide what we want, when we want, where we want and how much to pay? Before that, in the meantime let’s stick to original menu.


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