Set The Road On Fire With Streetbike And Have Full Blast [REVIEW]

Streetbike Full Blast

Do you like bike racing games? Fed up with common games like Need For Speed? Why don’t you try something news?

Here comes Streetbike: Full Blast, a new game that fills you the excitement of bike racing and matches the entertainment quotient of games like Need For Speed.

As a child, I was fascinated with action sequences using bikes due to a TV show called Street Hawk with Rex Smith in the title role. If you are a fan of George Clooney, you may be aware that this TV show had marked the debut of George Clooney as an actor during his struggling days.

Streetbike Full Blast

Then as a teenager, I saw Ghost Rider, the Marvel super-hero movie where Ghost Rider’s style of riding a bike filled me with excitement.

That excitement did not come with video games. Until I got to play Streetbike: Full Blast. I played and got the excitement that these TV shows and movies gave me.

This game has been created by Chillingo. Chillingo does not need any introduction if you are an avid gamer as Chillingo are well known for making various Marvelous games. They also make games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Streetbike Full Blast

How exciting this game actually is? Well, if you want to see for yourself, get ready to race your superbike against other racers or against the clock in this action-packed game of classic arcade bike-racers. You will watch scenery fly by as you power through complex and exciting tracks at a speed that is just little bit less only if you compare it with a speeding bullet or a running Chuck Norris.

Let us see what you do while playing Streetbike – Full Blast:

Streetbike Full Blast

1. You take the racing line:
You have to find the perfect racing line in each track to take first place. There would be traffic. You would have to look out for or your time might be wasted in the accident. You have to weave in and out of traffic at high speed using the sensitive, well tuned and fully customizable controls.

2. Enjoy the super-bikes:
There are dozens, intact tons of bikes as well as plenty of leagues to unlock in this game. There is enough content in Street Bike: Full Blast to keep racing enthusiasts entertained for hours. If you are a racing enthusiast, this game is a must have for you.

3. You destroy the competition:
You have to race and beat the other racers across nine different leagues from Newcomer League to the elusive and ultra challenging All-Stars League.

This game has colorful and really beautiful graphics and the sounds would remind you of action movies like Money Train, Gone In 60 Seconds and Fast And Furious.

Following are some features in the new version of Streetbike – Full Blast:

1. In the new version of Streetbike: Full Blast, it is easier to control bikes and other things.

2. In the new version, bikes are strong. They will get wracked lesser compared to previous game.

3. The new version features new bike engine sound programming.

4. There is enhanced sound with better sound quality.

5. There are track design tweaks.

6. Small bugs have been fixed.

Streetbike: Full Blast is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

Still thinking whether to play this game or not? Thinking bad, playing good! So just download it and play it while arousing your inner Rex Smith or any hero famous for bike stunts. Good luck! I wish you have blast while playing this game the way I did.

Click here to buy and download Streebike: Full Blast.

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