Setting A Contact As A Phone Favorite On iPhone [TUTORIAL]

iPhone Contact Set

Did you purchase a new iPhone? Want to set a contact as a “phone favorite” for speed dialing? It might be difficult for you if you are new to iPhone.

Therefore, we can help you with a procedure to set contact on a speed dial.

Here is how you should do it?

iPhone Contact Set

STEP 1 – You should start with launching the phone application and click on “Favorites” in the lower left corner.

iPhone Contact Set

STEP 2 – Tap the ” + ” button on top Right.

iPhone Contact SetSTEP 3 – The contacts will be in alphabetical order. Find the contact that you want to set as favorite on your speed dial. Tap on the name when you find it.

iPhone Contact Set

STEP 4 – Select information you wish to favorite (phone number, FaceTime, email etc.).

iPhone Contact Set

STEP 5 – The contact has been set as your favorite now. You can easily call or text this contact.

This procedure is simple and if you wish to remove the contact from your contact list.

Did you find this procedure easy and helpful? Tell us in the comments section.

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