Seven Apps for Seven days- You have a girlfriend

Feeling lonely? Need someone to be with you who cares for you? Yes, a man always wants a lady to be with him to share his feelings and be his support system in the time of need. But if you haven’t found your lady you can try the process lined up for you to search your lady love. Here comes the six apps for six days.

Dating DNA: Dating DNA is such a social networking app which will help you to get the girl of your choice. You just need to post the preferences and personalized your profile, post it and start searching for your lady love. The nice thing about Dating DNA is that it gives each user a DNA score and has integration with Social Networks like Facebook and MySpace. The special feature of this app is that only those who meet your standards can view your profile. The score will show how much you are compatible with the other person and then if you are satisfied you move ahead. But before doing that you must have a Dating DNA account which is easily available within the site. Who knows your love centre might be in those social networking sites.

Price: $4.99

Pickuplines: Don’t know what to say to the girl you are seeing for long? Here is something that can help you out. Pickup lines are a must when it comes to impressing your lady. This app provides you with some witty and interesting statements which will surely flatter your girl. Some of the interesting lines are “I think I can die happy now, cause I have seen a piece of heaven”.

Price: Free

Body lingo: When Picklines is over its time to judge your girl so body lingo is here for you. The app deals with some of the body gesture. Like what a girl is thinking when she is biting her nail or tilting her head when you are communicating with her, the body lingo can make out what’s all about. If she is rubbing her head then she is self conscious and worried. There are many such signs of the body that can say many things about her, so you can try this app to know her better.

Price: $0.99

First date Guru: Your pick reference what to say next. If you are stuck with thinking what to say next you better avail this app. This app has eight main categories with interesting topics which you can discuss with the lady. The pre-date checklist is a must before you plan for a date. You got hold of the right app. The guru gives you topics likes what’s her hobbies, what she like for food, does she have any interest for animals. Basically this app will give you hundreds of links to communicate with her and get personal. And the best part if you think the date or the conversation is not going the way you want there always an escape button at the bottom to help you. Tab the button twice, a fake call comes and you are gone,time out!

Price: $ 0.99

What’s cooking (lite): After spending so much of healthy and comfortable time with your lady love now have some spare time to cook. What’s cooking will guide you in your mission to impress your lady. This app gives you a feel of that you are really in a kitchen with all those colorful food ingredients (tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, chilies and those mutton, chicken, beef) around you and you will soon grab those and start cooking. With this app you will have option like “pick a dish”, “add a dish” and “view a dish” along with the types like “entrée”, “main course” and “desserts”. Life is simple, you just need to select one them tap it or shake it the dish is at your screen. Just follow it to your lady love with all the Chinese, Indian or loads and lots of dishes that you never heard. See love made you a chef!

Price: Free

A love Match (calculator): Want to know how compatible your girl is after you had cook for her? A match meter is available to try on. The love match app has those beautiful showing hearts that make a feel for love. This app is very simple you just need to enter her name along with yours. You will see a percentage is displayed on the screen and then you can tap the analyses button on the right to know the details of the result. If the compatibility percentage is high you are lucky and if you land up with low percentage then I have something for you The Virtual Girlfriend.

Price: Free

A virtual girlfriend: The Virtual App is really humorous, and a very entertaining one.You don’t have a girlfriend does not matter, she is right here custom made according to your choices and preferences by the app you are using. The beauty of the App is that you have the most suitable companion for you, round the clock. It’s like there is the main screen where you see the options like match ‘making, help and stats’. When you tap on match making it takes you through a whole bunch of screens where you need to enter your preferences, which include your personal and physical details and also the details of the kind of girlfriend you need, then the app looks for the right match for you.

Hundreds of girls will appear for you just need to select the one you need.The girls are rendered in full 3D gameplay and are completely interactive via talk, gestures, gifts, actions and even touch. You can also gift lingeries to your respective girlfriend.

Price: $0.99

My Take
So please let me know how you feel about this well planned process because it worked for me. I am a happy man with the most compatible person beside me. But in case if doesn’t then Virtual Girlfriend is always at your service.

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