“Share N Love”, Papparazzi did you hear that?

The well-known Celebrity gossip mag ‘People’ has introduced an app for iPhone. It was available since February but the brand’s entrance into iPad has struck an unexpected glitch. More than a dozen photo agencies refuse to license their product unless People mounts up more cash.

Is very true that celebrity photos are the lifeblood of any weekly gossip publication because the right pic of an A-lister acting in a Z-list manner can sell thousands of copies and bring in thousands of dollars for the agency selling it. According to the report on monday night, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that the imminent launch of People’s app for the iPad has been derailed by rival paparazzi agencies forming an unlikely coalition to block the application.

After the incident between The Hollywood Reporter and People agencies has come to the Negotiations with a standstill and next meeting are scheduled for Thursday at the Time-Life building in New York.

According to Jill Stempel, New York bureau chief for agency World Entertainment News Network told THR, “I do think it’s an important moment as far as the photo-agency business model. We need to take a stand.” The photo agencies have been hit hard by the recession, and are totally aware of how vital their photos are to People and the rest of the celebrity media that will be launching iPad apps in the future.

Now is the time to understand better among them because The Hollywood Reporter and People magazines cannot ignore each other in their profession, they know better that they must work together if their respective agencies wants to grow.


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