Sharing Apple ID with your family

Apple ID

iCloud and iOS 5 were launched this past Wednesday. For iCloud, Using an “Apple ID” that can used by not just an individual but by whole family can be problematic.

Before iOS 5 came, sharing Apple ID was not a problem as mostly Apple ID was used to purchase content on iTunes. The problem now is that Apple is tied with many services and some of them involve your personal and private data which you may not want to share with anyone including family members.

To resolve these issues, you need take certain steps. You should use a personal Apple ID with iCloud. You do not want the online stuff of your family members to appear in your device, cluttering your stuff and confusing you about what to see and what to delete. However, the Apple ID being used to purchase stuff from iTunes and app store can be shared with family members, even with OS 5. Don not share your Apple ID that you use for iMessage as identity thieves use the stolen IDs to send spam or frivolous messages.

So what is your opinion about iOS and how would you like to share your Apple ID with family members? Discuss in the comments section below.

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