Sharp Begins Mass Production Of Retina-Resolution IGZO Displays

Mac Retina Resolution

IDG News has reported that Sharp has announced the beginning of the mass production of new ultra high-resolution displays. These displays will be based on Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) materials.

Early rumors had suggested that Apple might use the IGZO displays in the new iPad. However, due to unknown reasons Apple did not do that.

Apple has, however, also been claimed to be considering IGZO for its rumored television set, which analysts expect would make its debut late this year or early next year.

Sharp said the new technology allows for twice the detail of existing panels at the same transparency, which means high-resolution devices can be designed that require less power and space for backlighting. The company said the new displays cut power consumption by up to 90 percent versus those currently in use. Less lighting and smaller battery requirements allow for thinner devices, and analysts have said Apple will use IGZO displays in its upcoming products, including its highly-anticipated entry into the smart TV market.

In its press release, Sharp gave several different examples of displays at different sizes being manufactured using IGZO materials. These examples included 7-inch tablet screens running at 1280×800 (217 pixels per inch), 10-inch notebook screens running at 2560×1600 (300 ppi), and 32-inch LCD monitor screens running at 3840×2160 (140 ppi).

Apple’s current Mac products typically registers at roughly 100-130 ppi. A rumored 2880×1800 15-inch MacBook Pro would come in at 220 ppi. Sharp’s examples of a 10-inch screen at 300 ppi and a 32-inch screen at only 140 ppi do not exactly match up with the pixel density expected for Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro. However, it seems that Sharp may be on its way toward accommodating such a display while embracing the benefits of the new IGZO materials.

Source: Mac Rumors

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