Shazam owned by Apple is where iOS updates integrate Instagram Story

The Apple-owned Shazam app updates with iOS. This is where a version of 12.3 is today. As part of an update, there is an app integrates with Instagram. This allows users to share songs discovers with Shazam on Instagram Stories.

With Instagram Stories integrates, Shazam users share a song discovered directly. This is with Instagram Story. Thus, simply Shazam, a song, choosing one to share button and Instagram Stories option. With the above screenshot, which posts a song with your Story, viewers have the option. This thus taps and views more details in the Shazam app itself.

However, one shares your Shazam to Instagram Stories, finding a song in Shazam, hits the share button with choosing Instagram Stories.

Apple officially completes acquisition of Shazam which is back in September. This is with nearly a year regulatory approval hurdles. As part with an acquisition is, Apple made Shazam ad-free. Today’s update hence to include a second major update coming in since Apple acquisition thus gets completed.