Siri Can Post Your Tweets

Siri Tweet

Many people are upset because when they tell Siri to post a tweet on their Twitter account, Siri responds by saying that she cannot do that.

Have you experienced this situation? You need not be disheartened. Just imagine that a little boy says that he cannot write. The teacher teaches the boy how to write and the boy can write.

Similarly, you can follow a procedure and teach Siri how to post tweets. After that, Siri would post everything that you wish to post as a tweet. All this requires just two steps to follow.

STEP 1 – You should start with adding a new contact on your iPhone by making the first name “Twitter” and adding the phone number 404-04 (Twitter’s SMS shortcode). Save the contact.

STEP 2 – Send a text message to that number, containing the word “start”. You will get a reply with instructions, guiding you to the procedure to follow for logging into Twitter via text message. After you finish texting your login credentials to Twitter, you can send tweets at any time by sending them in the form of text messages to that number. This is where Siri can enter the picture and help because Siri can send text messages.

Siri Tweet

After this procedure, if you tell Siri to post a tweet about using your voice to “write” a tweet, Siri would do that.

We would like to remind our readers that by default, after you have filled log in credentials for Twitter, Twitter will now want to text you about other things that are going on in the forms of tweets. For example, new retweets or mentions. Thus, you may need to adjust your settings if you do not want Siri to constantly keep showing tweets from people you follow or people who follow you.

Source: Mac World

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