Now Siri Can Speak Hindi

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Are you an Indian living in USA or some other English speaking country? Is speaking English a tough task for you because of which you cannot communicate with your personal assistant Siri on your iPhone?

Cheer up! Here is a good news for you.

Last month, Apple had released iOS 5.1 to the masses. The update included few new features. However, it did bring Japanese Siri support. This made four languages compatible with Siri.

If Siri does not support your language at the moment, you should not feel disheartened as many languages will come to Siri just the way Hindi has come. That’s right! Siri can speak Hindi now.

Developer Kunal Kaul taught Siri to speak Hindi. He did that with a little help from his proxy server.

Following video shows Siri compatible with Hindi.

Using proxy servers to enhance Siri’s capabilities has been a popular hack since the digital assistant came with iPhone 4S in October 2011. Early on, developers used these servers to enable Siri to control lights, TVs and other appliances.

Source: iDownload Blog

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