Siri can talk to your car

iPhone 4S Siri

Of course you heard it right!

If you do not understand what we said, kindly recall when we told you about Siri’s ability to control non-Apple devices which included Thermostat. All this was possible to the creation of a Siri proxy by a developer. This proxy allowed the developer to intercept commands.

With this discovery, many developers started doing experiments of trying to connect Siri with as many electronic items as possible, with automobile being the latest one.

An individual used the Viper car system and successfully instructed Siri to unlock the car door, start the engine and then stop it. This has created a speculation that Siri proxy might be capable of doing far bigger things as well. Just the right procedure to do that needs to be found out.

Someday, people might be able to use Siri to turn on their TV or operate computers.

Source: iDownload Blog

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