Siri can control an entire room

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We told you earlier how Siri could be used to control room temperature.

The extent that Siri can be put to use do not seem to be ending as a new demonstration shows that Siri can control various electronic items at home.

A developer called Plamoni has created some proxy software that can step-in between iPhone 4S and Apple to capture commands. To get the proxy working, you need to create a fake DNS registry so that data sent over your network to can be captured locally.

Following video shows how many things in a house can be controlled by Siri:

Procedure to bring your home appliances under Siri’s control:

1. The developer created fake DNS registry that would route and a ruby gem that directed back to C# server that the developer had written for his iPhone app and dual purposed for Siri.

2. C# server talks to directly to the X10 interface via CM15a.

X10 can control fans and lights while curtains can be opened or closed using some pieces of old robotics kit. The developer used an arduino to power it. It can respond to X10, RFID, and physical buttons as well.

Source: Gadget Venue

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