Siri Enabled iTV Being Tested

Apple iTV

Will Apple do it? Or Apple won’t? This is a question that is in the mind of every Apple Fanboy. We all wonder whether Apple would really release a High Definition (HD) TV Set or not. Apple is neither confirming these rumors, nor denying it.

However, according to the reports published in The Globe, the prototype of Apple’s upcoming HDTV is being tested by potential carrier partners that Apple is trying to woo.

The Canadian newspaper said that the Apple iTV would revolutionize TV viewing and this TV would be a “gigantic iPad”. The news-report said that it would be possible to control iTV with voice commands (with Siri) and making gestures in air. The TV would also support web-browsing. Reportedly, Apple is in talks with Rogers and BCE carriers, regarding potential broadcast partnerships in Canada.

The report also mentioned earlier rumors that the TV may offer a customized channel and iOS app support.

What are your expectations from a voice-controlled TV? Post your comments.

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Source: BGR

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