Siri Hacked to Run on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch


With Siri making so much news, people who do not have iPhone 4S wished that Siri feature was available in their phone. Are you fascinated with iPhone 4S because of Siri feature? Have you not been able to buy iPhone 4S?

Cheer up! Running Siri app on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch is not impossible. It may sound strange but a hacker has made it possible. This is likely to give sleepless nights to Apple executives and engineers if Siri does not remain exclusive to iPhone 4S.

Developer cum Hacker Steven Troughton-Smith announced his success on Twitter. Troughton-Smith succesfully ported the Siri user-interface and some of the underlying code from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4. The porter failed to talk to Apple server but was functional in other aspects. Troughton-Smith has teamed up with another hacker known chpwn (on Twitter) to make Siri, fully functional on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. chpwn had also helped Troughton-Smith with his iPod touch when Smith had decided to test hacked Siri on iPod Touch.

Troughton-Smith explained the technical part of hacking into Siri. He created hack with a single line of code and a barrage of file system changes.

It remains to be seen whether Troughton-Smith and chpwn would be able to make Siri fully operational in other gadgets of Apple. Do you believe they can do it? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Source: Gizmodo

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