Siri Jailbreak Tweak Promising SBSettings-Like Experience

Siri iPhone 4S Toggle Control

This is a new iPhone 4S jailbreak tweak for Siri.

This tweak would be handy, and should have been a native Siri feature to begin with.

Essentially, the jailbreak tweak allows you to control various toggles like Wi-Fi connection, bluetooth, etc. using only your voice. For example, “Turn Wi-Fi on”, “Set the backlight level to 60%” or asking questions related to your phone settings. Thus, you would be able to do almost everything the way you would normally be able to toggle with SBSettings.

Developer Hamza Sood said that a iPhone 4S jailbreak would be needed before the toggles system for Siri would be available. Sood said that it could be possible to do it on an iPhone 4 as well, provided a legal Siri port for iPhone 4 is possible. However, at the moment, one recourse for using Siri legally on iPhone 4 is possible.

What is your opinion about this? Would you like to see Siri to adjust toggle system settings? Tell us in the comments section.

Source: iDownload Blog

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