Siri May Come To Mac?

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When iPhone 4S was released, many people who did not wish buy it were fascinated with Siri. Apple broke their hearts by announcing that Siri would not be introduced in any device before iPhone 4S.

Since then, any jailbreak tweak that could make Siri work on Pre- iPhone 4S device was not only a big news but also something that would be welcomed by a lot of iPhone users.

Now it seems that Apple has decided to heed the demands of people.

Apple may not keep Siri exclusive to iPhone 4S.

The iPhone maker has filed for a patent that would allow users to essentially transfer their iPhone 4S (or other, future, iPhone that has Siri support) to their Mac, giving them access to the voice software.

The patent does not actually mention names like the iPhone 4S or Mac. However, it does talk about a voice-controlled software platform that processes all of its commands on a remote server, and the ability to have “a remote device communicatively coupled to [an] electronic device.”

That is why, there are speculations that Siri-powered phones could bring their technology to a desktop or laptop computer.

A recent study found that 87% of iPhone 4S owners use Siri at least once a month. This shows that Siri is iPhone 4S’ most commonly used features.

According to the study, though, the most common use of Siri was to make phone calls or send text messages, simple voice commands that non-iPhone 4S owners can do with the right app.

There are some other Siri rumors as well. Speculations say that Apple will be launching its own branded TV set at the end of the year. Instead of needing to change channels or schedule recordings with a standard remote control, you will simply be able to speak your requests in normal human speech to the TV.

Source: i4U

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