Siri Calls Nokia Lumia 900 “Best Smartphone Ever”

Siri Calling Nokia Lumia 900 best smartphone ever

When you build a robot or an artificially intelligent machine, you fear that one day it will turn against you. Like Frankenstein.

There have been so many movies on this theme. Even an episode of TV show Small Wonder showed how Vennessa, the robot was against robot Vicky and wanted robots rule the world and subdue humans as slaves.

What Siri has done to Apple yesterday, is something similar to that. Siri labeled one of the iPhone’s biggest rivals, the Nokia Lumia 900, the “best smartphone ever.”

If you have got an iPhone 4S, ask Siri, “What is the best smartphone ever?”

You will be surprised when Siri will tell you all about the Nokia Lumia 900, the Finnish firm’s flagship Windows Phone handset.

Usually, when you ask Siri a question, she will often find your answer from Wolfram Alpha. This is what has happened here. Siri just searches the service for the best smartphone based on “customer review average.” However, it must be a little embarrassing for Apple when its intelligent assistant names a competitor when you ask her what the best smartphone ever is.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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