Siri Is Santa’s Personal Assistant

Siri showing Appointments to Santa Claus

If Santa Claus does not turn up at your house this year on Christmas Eve, you may start blaming yourself for being a “bad boy” or a “bad girl” that you may have been this year. However, you should blame it on Siri.

If Siri servers are down, Santa may not come to your house as he has a long list of houses to visit. We are not saying that. The latest commercial of Apple Siri says that.

Observing the spirit of Christmas, Apple released a new commercial for the iPhone 4S ahead of the Christmas holiday. The new advertisement shows Santa using Siri to find such information as directions and weather, search for an email with his “naughty or nice” list. Not only that, Santa also hears an email from Mrs. Claus reminding him to “go easy on the cookies”. After telling Siri to check his schedule for rest of the day, Santa finds out that he has 3.7 billion appointments.

Anyway, you should be positive that Santa Claus will visit you. What gifts do you want from Santa? Tell us in the comments section.

Source: Mac Rumors

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