Making Siri Say “Yes” [TUTORIAL]


Usually, when you call someone over your desk for some help, that person responds by saying, “Yes?” The tone is like as he is asking a question.

While using your iPhone 4S, if you ask Siri a question, you may expect your virtual assistant to respond in the same way. However, Siri may not do that. So how can you make Siri do that?

You can do that by using a jailbreak tweak called Hands-Free-Control. Following the procedure shown in this video, you can make Siri more obedient and Siri would answer most of your questions, either with “yes” or with a positive tone.

You should install Hands-Free Control, and enable the “Voice Response” setting. It will ask you to respring. However, rebooting also makes it work.

Developers have recently updated Hands-Free control, so the procedure should be easier to follow. All you need to do is respring.

Source: iDownload Blog

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