Siri Guest Stars On Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Raj Siri

After showing so many miracles to us, Siri is now TV star, all set to join the league of actors like Jennifer Aniston, Tom Welling, Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum. If you do not understand what we are saying, that is perhaps you do not watch The Big Bang Theory sitcom on CBS.

The most recent episode of CBS’s sitcom The Big Bang Theory featured Siri in its “B” storyline. In the episode story, Astrophysicist Raj, one of the show’s main characters, purchased an iPhone 4S and spent most of the episode interacting with the voice-activated “personal assistant.”

This may sound strange to many of those who watch the sitcom on regular basis, Raj’s interaction with Siri rapidly went off the deep end. The character Raj is notorious for striking out with women due to a psychologically-induced speech block when any females are nearby, but he has no problem talking to Siri. His interactions with his iPhone begun with the initial novelty that all iPhone 4S users likely experience when they first use Siri. However, over the course of the episode Raj’s attitude toward Siri started to become increasingly creepier.

However, it was not the Siri’s voice when the Siri in the iPhone 4S owned by Raj spoke. A human voice from the background was used.

A video of Raj’s interactions with Siri from YouTube is here.

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