Making Siri Work On Older Devices Without Proxy [TUTORIAL]


Seeing that iPhone 4S is so expensive, you wish you could make Siri work on older devices.

Now thanks to AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect 4S, you can make Siri work on iPhone 4 and 4th Generation iPod Touch.

The new method does not require any proxy server or meticulous setup.

If you are not familiar with Assistant Connect, check out this tutorial about making Siri work in iPad 2.

If a friend of yours can send you a file from his/her jailbroken iPhone 4S, you can have Siri running on an older device in just a few minutes.

Following video explain how to use AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect 4S.

Now follow this procedure to make Siri work on older device:

STEP 1 – Install Spire on your iPhone 4, or other older device. Once the Spire is installed, you should go to Settings > General > and enable Siri.

STEP 2 – Install AssistantConnect4S on an iPhone 4S device. Open the AssistantConnect4S app, and reboot your iPhone 4S.

STEP 3 – Install AssistantConnect on the iPhone 4, or other older device.

STEP 4 – After your iPhone 4S reboots, open AssistantConnect4S, and then invoke Siri. Ask it anything. Once Siri responds, tap the “Email Siri Data” button, and send the data via email to the iPhone 4, or other non 4S device. Make sure the attachment has a file size to ensure that it’s not empty.

STEP 5 – On your iPhone 4 or older device, open the email sent from the iPhone 4S with the attachment. Then open the attachment. Tap the button that says Open in “AssistantConnect”. AssistantConnect will open to a dialogue that says “File Copied” and “AssistantConnect File Loaded Successfully”. Tap Dismiss, go to your Home screen. Now you should respring or reboot your device.

STEP 6 – Once your iPhone 4 or older device is back up, hold your Home button to invoke Siri and ask her a question. It should work just like on an iPhone 4S!

Now you can see that Siri works on older devices.

So did this procedure work for you? Share your comments with us. Tell us your experience with AssistantConnect.

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