Siri’s Limitations Outside USA


iPhone 4S may have been released in USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK and France but it seems that people outside USA would not be able to use Siri in their phones.

Siri supports, English (US English), French and German. However on certain queries, its response would be that it can locate places, directions and maps only in USA. Several websites have started highlighting this shortcoming of Siri in past 12 hours. In certain matters, Siri can suggest places but cannot give maps.

Have experienced this shortcoming of Siri on your iPhone? Discuss your experience in the comments section below.

Source: Mac Stories

4 Replies to “Siri’s Limitations Outside USA”

  1. Hi I bought my Iphone 4s as an upgrade from my iphone 4 just because of Siri.  Surprise, it does not give maps or directions in Germany.  What a rip off I actually feel I wasted my money… Hope this will be corrected soon, first time I have been disappointed by Apple.

  2. I really do feel like I’m being punished for not living in the United States.
    At the same time however, working locations in, is most likely a huge undertaking. I get that. But I paid a pretty huge price tag (64 gig) for something I can’t fully use because of my location

  3. I totally agree! Apple did not go out of their way to make customers aware of this! They should be held accountable for this!

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