Six iPhone features many people missed

iPhone 4S

Seems like that after seeing iOS 5.0.1, iPhone 4S is also on its way to have secrets of its own, much like Clark Kent in Smallville.

The features that differentiate iPhone 4S from iPhone 4 are Siri, 8 Megapixel camera and more powerful A5 Processor. However, there is more to that what meets your eye.

iPhone 4S has some new features which have come to light recently. You may have discovered them or you maybe still unaware of them.

So let us take a look at six features of iPhone 4S that you may have missed:

1. Improved antenna
Apple has learnt its lesson from “antennagate” very well. That is why, iPhone 4S has an improved antennas. This improved antenna gives faster 3G speed to your phone.

2. Shifted Controls
The iPhone 4 had a three-gap design GSM. On the other hand, iPhone 4S has four gaps arranged with bilateral symmetry. This is identical to the CDMA version of iPhone 4. As a result, mute switch and volume buttons have been moved downwards.

3. Quieter Vibration motor
Apple has swapped the old vibration motor in the GSM model iPhone 4 with one that’s either similar to the one seen in the CDMA iPhone 4. The new motor features smoother vibration which doesn’t rattle the phone itself as much as the motor of iPhone 4. This results in a much quieter vibration, one that you might not even hear from more than a few feet away if your iPhone is on a table.

4. Audio improvements
Speaker of iPhone 4S is louder than that of iPhone 4. It has a different audio codec chip. The audio quality is better.

5. Bluetooth 4.0
iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to support Bluetooth 4.0 which is a low energy bluetooth spec. This consumes lower power and does not support headsets.

6. Video Mirroring
iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to support mirroring to an Apple TV via AirPlay, at 720p resolution. It also supports video mirroring or video out at 1080p resolution via Apple’s Digital AV Adapter or VGA Adapter, the same connectors that allow for 1080p mirroring on the iPad 2. Video mirroring to an Apple TV will make it much easier to share content with people sitting nearby, and it also has great applications for gaming.

Source: TUAW

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