Skillz for iPad [Review]

How many times do you wish there was a game based on music only? No dancing, no singing just plain simple game based on playing music? The new app on App Store promises just that. It’s called SKILLZ on my ipad.

Skillz is a music based game.  Helping you to improve your eye-to-hand coordination. It requires you to transform yourself to a Disc Jockey and play music for virtual fans. It’s a very interesting game with highly catchy numbers of songs pre-fed.The tutorials make the game very simple. Doesn’t take much time to get you hooked on to it once you finished getting all the help.

You can start with selecting the funky DJ that you want to be. Tobo-trek if you are a guy, Squeak if you are a girl. You can also download more characters from the web. Then select the place you’d like to play- from Neptune the underwater super club, the VIP boat, an abandoned power plant and more. Choice is yours. Then choose your song that you’d like to play. The songs are from various genres house, hip hop, funk and the likes. Select the level of difficulty you are most comfortable with – easy, normal or difficult. And start to rock on. You’ve got to use both your hands to play this game so you can’t do anything else while playing. But who wants to do anything else when playing an awesome game like this. Bust out the stress and have fun while you show your Skillz.

skillz for ipadskillz for ipad

skillz for ipad



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