Skype 5.8 Released For Mac

Skype 5.8

Skype for the Mac platform has been updated to version The new update includes performance and stability improvements as most Skype updates do.

In addition, the update also makes Skype, ready for OS X Mountain Lion-ready. This means when OS X Mountain Lion is officially released to the public, you can be sure that Skype will run as expected on it.

In addition to compatibility, stability, and performance, Skype’s Web site shows us a new feature that we can find in Skype 5.8 for Mac. The new feature would allow you to separate your contacts list from the actual Skype window similarly to the way we have been able to on Windows for so long.

Skype new feature

The example from Skype’s Web site is shown besides this paragraph. The feature is handy because you can hide or show the contacts list while keeping your chatting interface clean and separate from your contacts. You can also shape and re-size the window as per your wishes. You can separate your contacts using filters such as who is online, who is family, and who you work with.

Skype also has teaser of ‘coming soon’ feature to Skype for Mac OS X. This feature is about the ability to have different chats in different windows. The feature is apparently in high demand and Skype has decided to bring the feature to reality because users simply want it. This feature will be good for people that want to organize their conversations by importance instead of having them all in one large window where all notifications will pool together and be a distraction.

You can download the updated version of Skype for Mac OS X and the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion from here.

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