Smart-Phone Ownership reveals latest Pew Data at 99% decline in laptop/desktop category


There is the latest look at the Internet and Social Media use, where the Pew Research Center is out this weekend with the device ownership, in the United States. The ownership and data thus show the use and ownership being flat. With a similar 2016 study comparatively is where actually things have declined in some categories.

U.S. Survey of Broadband Internet Service

The survey of U.S. has broadband internet service, which currently sits at 65-per cent – which is down from 67-per cent during the summer of 2015. Thus with laptop or desktop ownership number has fallen from 78-per cent in 2016 to 73-per cent today.

With cell phone ownership, one notes where the market is at near saturation have 99-per cent of users with ages of 19 to 49, which owns a device, where 97-per cent of the college graduate has been with category own one.

Pew explains:

With a contributing factor having the slowness of growth is where there are parts of the population reached near-saturation levels of adoption with some technologies. Thus simply by putting, with some instances are not just having many non-users left.

For example, with nine-in-ten or more adults are younger than 50, says they go online or owns a smart-phone. With similar share higher-income with households is having laptops or desktops.

With flip side, where Pew notes have wearable devices continues to grow, as with digital voice assistants – and hence 46 per cent of Americans use a digital assistant smart-phone having an Echo-like device, is what Pew said.


With Apple, nearing the saturation point is one of the reasons where the company turns its attention to products such as Apple Watch with growing services categories. Thus with data where firms like IDC shows Apple which has been able to combat with slowing PC industry growth.

Thus with iPhone sales in terms of units have slowed dramatically over the recent quarters – though ASP which is increasing.