SmyleSafe Can Safeguard All Your Parental Controls Over Internet [REVIEW]


In order to save your children from cyber stalkers, porn and pedophiles, handling your responsibilities as a parents becomes easy if you have have good softwares and applications that you can install in your devices to ensure parental locks and controls over the internet activities of your little children.

If you are not satisfied with softwares like Net Nanny, here is a new software called SmyleSafe for the online safety of your child.


Every history tells a story. Therefore you should clear it before your dad uses the computer. However, SmyleSafe will not let this happen.

SmyleSafe will ensure the safety of your whole family with groundbreaking real time web page analysis and filtering of each and every website visited by your children with unique parental controls. To use this app, you need to have an account at SmyleSafe and register your email with them.

SmyleSafe has been developed by Retina Software Private Ltd. Retina Software has been the winner of 2012 Gold Award Winner for Parental Control Software for Cell Phones by


SmyleSafe has brought a new Geofencing feature which was not effectively offered by other parental control softwares. Geofencing is defined as creating electronic boundaries on a map. You will get instant email alerts if your child goes outside the boundary set by you. SmyleSafe is a safe, secure, protected and effective web browser with a cloud-based web filtering engine. Updates to the engine of this app get added automatically without needing to update the software on the device.

Kids would love to use SmyleSafe browser and find it exciting. The safe browser experience is very close to Safari browser allowing the native functions such as pinch and zoom, landscape mode, bookmarks, web-browsing history, multiple tabs, copying and pasting, saving images and lastly, self search enforcement.

However, continued use of Global Positioning System(GPS) running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life of your iPhone or iPad. You can easily turn off location tracking from inside the app.


SmyleSafe is easy to set up. All you need to do is selecting the age group of your child who will use the iDevice. You can give the device to your child. SmyleSafe will take care of rest by allowing only content appropriate for the selected age group. SmyleSafe has built-in time restrictions that would allow you to set hours of the day when the browser will not open any web pages. SmyleSafe also imposes strict safe search enforcement to all major search engines. It would never allow access to any inappropriate websites from search results such as text, images or news.

With SmyleSafe, you are granted access to an online dashboard from where you can monitor each and every activity that your child performs. You can login to the dashboard from any device’s web browser to monitor websites visited (or attempted to vista) by your child. You can also trace locations at intervals you set. You can also make changes to the settings from within the dashboard, which are applied absolutely immediately.

In SmyleSafe, your child has the freedom to request access of any blocked website from you. You can grant access or deny it. Apart from geofencing, you can also setup email alerts to be notified when a blocked website is accessed.

SmyleSafe is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version. With the latest update of Version 2.0 SmyleSafe is a universal app and can be used on iPhone as well as iPad.

This review has been written after obtaining SmyleSafe from the app store via gift-card and the app has been used on an iPad.

Due you feel safe about your child’s online safety with SmyleSafe installed in his device? Post your comments.

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  1. I would have given it a try but am very happy with my current program Qustodio from The strength of any parental control program lies in its ability to prohibit any tampering with its features. I’ve tried many programs and extensions but none was too smart as Qustodio. Its free and does everything from blocking sites and tracking data. Love it.

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