Snapchat adds Callkit integration with stock Phone app on iOS

Snapchat’s app update today making an easier launch of calls through the app. Today’s update adds CallKit integration, where Snapchat calls with integration where the stock Phone app and interface on iOS.

As part of version 10.44, Snapchat, which calls now offers a full CallKit integration where, there goes an update adding a new ‘Cat Lenses,’ with the latest expansion where there is an app with popular Lens functionality.

With CallKit integration, where there are calls placing Snapchat app appears your Recent list with the Phone application. Hence with a Snapchat call, rings with a familiar-look incoming call interface. Previously, Snapchat calls appear push notifications called “Zac Hall is calling.”

CallKit means getting notifications with interfaces as CarPlay, sees in the screenshot which is as mentioned. The call displays generic Phone design with Snapchat Audio” similar to FaceTime Audio.

The full change log for today’s Snapchat update includes Snapchat updates and more:

Cat Lenses thus available meows tapping the camera activates Lenses, swipes left in the carousel by finding them.

To answer voice calls from friends which opens Snapchat starts from a recent list on your phone.

So far, CallKit integrates several popular communication apps. The framework introduced thus far as part of iOS 10 adopts app such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

With the above sources taken from 9to5mac, replicates the idea of Snapchat adding Callkit integration where stock Phone app is on iOS to call for.