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We all like to edit photos and modify photos for our fun. With image editing softwares, we have fun when we see a photo where the face belongs to someone we know as a friend or relative but the body belongs to a god, a comic-book hero or even a WWE Superstar. Sometimes, we put our own face on someone else’s body.

Now you can Snapspeed, the popular iOS image editor on your Mac now.

Snapseed is a popular image editing application for iOS. It will be coming to Android very soon. This app enables you to add so many effects to a photograph that you earlier did from Adobe Photoshop.

Snapseed for Mac is similar to Snapseed for iOS. It lets you pick a photo to play around with, and you can edit its color schemes, photo attributes, and focal points after the fact. However, there is a difference between the Mac version and the iOS version. The Mac has a better processor than the iDevice does. Thus, it means that your renderings will appear quicker and you will also like how you have a bigger screen to work with. There are sliders instead of multi-touch gestures that would enable you to actually see the values that you are working with in real time. You can see how the interface compares with the iOS version:


Snapseed for the Mac has been priced at $19.99 while the iOS version costs $4.99. It supports Mac OS X Lion’s full screen feature and includes built in social networking support so that after editing an image you can to upload it directly to Facebook or Flickr with Snapseed. If you choose to use email, then your image will be sent at its original resolution because it doesn’t need to be internet friendly for bandwidth reasons.

Editing options in Snapseed are extensive. They include features such as cropping, rotating, straightening, and tuning. There are also enhancement options including filters like center focus, details, grunge, vintage, and much more. Snapseed supports the following image formats: ‘.jpg’, ‘.tiff’, and ‘.raw’.

It works with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8. This is an easy to use app.

Snapseed for Mac can be found here.

How do you wish to use Snapseed for Mac after downloading it? What type of photos would you like to create? Share your comments.

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