Snow Leopard killing SuperDrives?

mac-os-x-snow-leopard OS 10.6 came out the 28th of August, and since then users are beginning to blame Snow Leopard to cause their SuperDrives to malfunction. The drives simply stop reading discs after the installation of Snow Leopard has finished, and the developers who experience this also note that Apple does not fully cooperate to solve the issue. Some though, have said that their SuperDrives don’t die entirely, and that they can still play CDs while being unable to read any DVDs.

Although developers and new Snow Leopard users blame the installation of 10.6 to be the reason for their SuperDrive failures, we have reason to believe that it is an old problem which shouldn’t be caused by a Snow Leopard installation. Why? Because SuperDrives have reportedly had these failures long before the new OS was released. It is therefore still a mystery why they actually fail.

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