So this is the iPad 2

Today Apple has released its second generation iPad. Its all official with amazing additions in terms of the overall product.

Here’s a summary of iPad 2.

It has a dual core A5 chips processors. The new CPU is faster, lighter and thinner from before and comes with front and back camera. We can see that the iOS 4.3 update has brings about amazing improved performance of Safari, FaceTime and PhotoBooth. There in update you can also find iTunes home sharing and AirPlay improvements. Here, the battery life remained unaltered with same 10-Hours life.

HDMI output cable:
The new iPad comes with a HDMI output cable of 1080p. The interesting thing about this cable is that it can work with all apps, moreover it supports rotation and you don’t need setup or configuration to use. You can even charge your iPad while using it. The cable comes at the price of $39.

Smart Covers:
An extraordinarily designed Flap that is going to cover the front of the device only. This is not a normal case but it will automatically wake the iPad for you and put to sleep when closed. No screws, no elastics but the use of magnets. The magnets will grasp and auto align on the iPad, with minimal thickness and weight the micro- fiber lining will clean the screen. Easy handling with wake on open and sleep on close option.

New app built with iOS 4.3. It has a precision editor, Multi track audio recording and New themes. You can share your videos in HD to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more. The app has got more than 50 sound effect and comes with a price of $4.99

Garage Band:
The next app built with iOS 4.3. The app is a touch instrument, where you can plug in a guitar if you want. It has Guitar amps and effects, 8 tracks recording and mixing 250+Loops. It supports Email AAC file of your song. The app is compatible with Mac version. The app is price at $4.99.

Available in both Black and white.

This was least expected but it’s true that the prices are all the same. For (Wifi)-16 GB- 32GB- 64GB: $499, $599, $699. For (Wifi+3G): $629, $729, $829 respectively.

Shipping Date:
The shipping starts from 11th of March.