Something newfangled is always appreciated, trying before buying?

Everybody wants to try things before they want to buy it, whether its cloths, shoes, home appliances or anything for that matter. It’s the same with the Apps on the App store. Something that I always wish there was.

If all the reviews aren’t enough to help you decide whether to spend 99 cents on Apps, then head over to Apple’s newest category on the App Store: Try Before You Buy.
Apple recently has made some changes on their App store, which showcases a dedicated section named “Try Before You Buy”.

This section allows users to try the free editions of the paid apps with limited functionality, and if they like it then they could go for buying it. The move to surface these free trial apps is being interpreted by some as a way for Apple to show that it’s unnecessary to jailbreak an iPhone to use pirated apps for free before buying the full version

The idea is to let them play with the app so that they can decide whether they want to pay for the full featured version of the app or no. But some users say that this is not good enough, and they want the ability to play around with the full featured version of the Apps for a limited period of time, and if they like it then make payments from within the app itself, a feature which apple already has.

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