Something to Add To Bringing Your Child Up Better: Joy Tales [Review]

A writer who is an expert in childcare along with the support of a child neuoropsychiatric doctor and a pediatrician come together for a project. What could it be? Well its Joy Tales! A compilation of 12 original stories for kids of the age group 2 to 6.


The motive behind all Joy Tales stories is to accompany children and see them grow up serenely .The first story, Tab – The White Bat is written to help children accept diversity and consider it as a treasure. What troubles could a white bat have? You and your child can find out together by checking out this first story which Desdoo is providing for free.

The book has two main modes to the story






1.Read mode                  2.Interactive Mode

You can listen to the Story teller’s voice in both these modes. However a pretty feature that comes along with this app is you can record your own voice over any page and experience the story with a personal touch.
The game states to switch between read and picture mode with the screen rotation which did not happen in my instance. However you can easily switch modes using the button provided on screen.

Along with the Story there are three fun pages
  • Join the dots
  • Find the pair
  • The Coloring page

All 3 are fun. The coloring got a little complicated as the colors cover the borders of the picture . You could make your own version of the White bat after you conclude to have messed the picture beyond repair(there is an eraser, don’t worry!)

As of now this book is available in two languages English and Italian. If you enjoy reading this you could later go ahead and purchase Camelia, The Giraffe.

You can get the free app with the first story from Apple

Joy Tales Books!Desdoo SABooks$6.99Download

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