Soon more iPad to be offered to other retail outlets

Very soon the Apple iPad will be available to many consumers starting next week. It was reported earlier that Best Buy will be selling the iPad in all of its 1,093 stores in America. Best Buy previously only sold the device in their stores that offered an Apple shop inside.

According to Tech Data Corporation, a major Apple distributor selling products such as Macs, iPods, and Apple TV, is now allowed to sell all 6 model types of iPad to authorized resellers for the first time. Apple has been very strict in who receives permission to sell the iPad, only allowing sales over the phone, or in-store. But it seems in Best Buy’s case is not online. Is heard that sales are likely to expand to other retail outlets in the coming weeks and months.

Target is rumored to be selling the iPad in as little as a few weeks, while WalMart is looking to offer the Apple device by the end of this year.


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