Spammers Running iPhone 5 Scams

iPhone 5 Scam

Are you eagerly waiting for iPhone 5? So eagerly, that you want to pay attention to each and every rumor surrounding iPhone 5 even when Apple is yet to announce and official name for it.

You better stop following iPhone 5 rumors because your eagerness can make you lose your time, money, identity (or anything that might be precious to you) in a scam that we are warning you about.

Scammers never miss an opportunity to scam. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, online forums and email have been hotbeds for them to run their scams. The online portals have long been subject to disgusting “test & keep new iPhone/iPad/whatever” spam. Now, the iPhone 5 scam has taken to SMS. Not only are scammers wasting your time and attention, they are now also wasting your text message totals.

A couple of our Twitter followers received identical scam spam yesterday:

“Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to [scam web address] and enter [scam code] will get to test & keep a new iPhone 5.”

This SMS is fake. You will not get iPhone 5. We urge our readers to ignore this SMS and not to do anything that SMS requests. Have you received such messages? Tell us in comments.

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